Fischer Thermograaf 525QS

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Fischer Bimetaal Thermograaf 525QS


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Fischer Bimetaal Thermograaf 525QS

Quarts uurwerk 1, 7 of 31 dagen, Meetbereik -15 tot +65 °C

sensor for temperature of air: bimetal
measuring range:
-35…45 °C (525) ,  -15…65 °C (525QS)
accuracy: ±0.5 K
mechanical drum recording clockwork (525), according to DIN 58658,revolution times changeable: daily revolution 25.6 h, weekly revolution 176 h, autonomous operation 1 week
electronic quartz clockwork (525QS), revolution times changeable: daily revolution 25.6 h, weekly revolution 176 h, monthly revolution 783 h, autonomous operation 12 month with battery type LR6
registration drum:
material of drum: plastic
material of chart holder: brass nickel plated
diameter: 93.3 mm
height: 93 mm
height of registration: 80 mm
chart division: 5 % relative humidity
movement parts: brass dull chrome plated, axles made of chrome steel, jewel bearing of the axles
movement support: cast aluminium with white finish
baseplate: cast aluminium with white finish
upper part of housing: chrome steel X5CrNi1810, resistant against corrosion, white finish
glazing:  plastic, transparent, scratch proof
dimensions: 290 x 145 x 190 mm
weight: 1.9kg
accessories (includet in delivery):
60 sheets of chart paper for weekly revolution
2 pieces of fibre tips
battery type LR6 (electronical quartz clockwork)